Welcome to Hot Girls eating pizza. I love pizza and I love hot girls, so I thought why not bring them together, if Paris Hilton can eat a sloppy burger, then Rosie O'Donnell can eat a salad.
I don't know what that means, anyway - hopefully soon you will come here not to read my blogs but to look at hot women and hot pizza together in perfect harmony.
Also I hope you can visit my other blog LosAngelesPizza.blogspot.com to search for great pizza in your area, if you aren't from L.A. Im sorry that site won't help you, but you probably have better pizza to eat so screw you.

Pizza Reviews in LA

For those who like pizza without the women.  
I'm talking good pizza in L.A.
got to 
it will help you find the perfect slice in L.A.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Better than Sex

- The Gemini Studio -
Written & Directed by Janine Garcia
Assistant Director - Matthew Ramos

Starring -
Janine Garcia
twitter/ @janinegarcia
Instagram / janinegarcia

Matthew Ramos
twitter/ @thecrunchyfiles
instagram/ mattbramos

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

more sexy pizza

Heres a girl who likes her pizza

Porn and Pizza

Pizza in porn is a pretty common occurrence.  Delivery guy comes by, hot girl answers the door and the pizza for some reason has a hole in it.  Good times. 

These guys are going to be eating more than pizza.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Hot Girls and Pizza

Here are just a random selection of women for you people who just stumbled upon this and need something to satisfy.   

I should just end this site now because this is the best thing I will ever find.
This is a Halloween Costume apparently.  I think she might be delivering more than pizza.
There is another picture that goes with this and it shows a bit more a big, bit more. 

here is an interesting concept - porn and pizza.  For real, it's a business.

there doesnt seem to be a point to this.

Video of Hot girls eating pizza